Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Challenge

It's almost Friday!! The weekend is about to begin. After a week of getting back on schedule, I'm ready to relax. I did get some writing time in and it felt good. I have two manuscripts the best that I can get them so they are ready for the next step. I did start to query one of them. Yes, only one. I'm  not insane. But I can't help feeling that this round of querying will only wind up like my last. I've entered a few contests and the results are what I expected . . . nothing. There are days I wonder if I'm invisible. I'm not flashy enough. Are my stories that boring?

Of course, I've only just begun this path with this novel so I decided I'm going to try a different approach with the rejection. I know, you're already saying, here we go again, but I'm not going to write a post about my problems. I know rejection happens to everyone and I'm sure some of you have worse stories to tell. No, I'm not going to crawl into that hole I have next to the swing set and rock back and forth. I'm going to challenge myself.

You see, lately, after I get over the frownie face part of the big R, I've worked even harder. It's that whole prove myself thing. I can't let my dream go, so I thought, why not take that to the next level. Besides eating an elephant size bag of chocolate (which I'm not sure I could physically do), I'll do something writing related to push me through.

Okay, I will take a couple of pieces of chocolate to soothe my soul. I can't ignore my chocolate addiction. The other part will be one of three things.

1. Double my word count for the day.
2. Write a short story.
3. Do exercises to brush up on writing skills.

The more I write, the stronger I'll become. Well, that's what they say.

I will also not check my email every five seconds. Let's face it, it's filled with advertisements and possibly more big R's. Not fun.

Do you challenge yourself when you face the big, bad rejection?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. That's a great attitude, Christine! Don't let them tell you that you can't. Work harder and smarter and prove them wrong!

  2. Christine, if you want to bounce your queries off me, please send them over! I can't claim to be an expert on queries per se, but I've spent enough time over at Matt's QQQE that I know what I would/would not request if I were an agent.

  3. I think that's an awesome way to deal with a rejection! You become a stronger writer with every word you write.

  4. Great outlook, Christine. And, go YOU!

  5. You definitely have a great plan. I have a stack of almost completed manuscripts that aren't quite ready to send out. I'm really close to being brave enough to finish them and send them out. I think it's a solid plan to keep writing and to know that rejection is a part of the process of getting published (at least that's what I tell myself).

  6. Rejections are definitely depressive. We've all been there. You're attitude is great, rejections can also make a person work harder and better. Go for it!

  7. Gave up on the rejections, Christine, learned how to be an indie publisher and books selling well, just a thought. :0)

  8. I always say you can't be victorious without failing first . . . your time will come--don't give up :-)

  9. ugh, girl, i am totally with you! I'm getting ready to query my new MS too. And i know it's the best one i've written, and i know i got close on my last MS, but i can't help but worry "what if this one goes nowhere too?"
    I know at some point i'll be writing a new MS and my focus will switch gears which will make the rejections easier, but until then. Man. This is the first time i've been this scared