Friday, March 15, 2013

Just ask

So, I've been so involved with my WiP that I'm surprised I know what day it is. Anyway, it's a good problem. I still like my characters and story. I finally figured out my plot issues . . . I hope. And I gave myself a deadline of June 1st for this draft. I'm hoping I finish sooner to satisfy my impatience, but I'm trying to be realistic and thorough.

I also downloaded Scrivener. That's a another post, but let's just say once I understand it, I think it will be awesome.

Today, I want to talk about asking. Yes, asking. I have a bad habit of keeping things to myself and trying to solve things on my own. On one hand, this is fine, but it doesn't hurt to ask for help. I guess my problem is that I'm afraid I'm bothering someone or I may sound stupid. The whole "I may look weak" mentality. But I'm not. I'm a big one for not wanting to disturb, but to figure out this plot problem, I had to do something. I asked and answers came. And I can't thank my CPs and friends enough. So thanks, guys.

So don't hesitate to ask, you'd might be surprised of what may come of it.

How's your progress?

Read any good books lately?

Any news?

Have a great day!!


  1. Ask away! (Although I understand not wanting to bother others.) Posting some questions here might result in some good answers.

  2. That's what friends are for.

    I'm reading THE PALADIN PROPHECY by Mark Frost and it's fantastic. A definite departure from my normal contemp reads. The first few chapters are a whirlwind, and it barely lets up as the story goes - I'm closing in on pg 400 and it's still going strong!

  3. After making yet more revisions to a previously "finished" novel I am now back with my current wip, an NA scifi and almost done reading Divergent. No news to speak of *sigh*

    I know what you mean about asking. It can be hard. However, count me as someone you can feel free to ask of :)

  4. Aaargh, progress has been slow. I'm blogging about that next Wednesday. This pantster is not making the transition to plotting very easily.

    I love Scrivener for recording my rambling ideas, but it hasn't turned me into a plotter.

    I *should* try to read some good books. Maybe they will inspire me. I have one on Kindle I was looking forward to, but just can't get into (SCARLET), but maybe I should put it aside and try something else. I really ought to read April Lindner's CATHERINE. It's been on my Kindle since it was released. Maybe it's time to shift gears.

    News? Nothing new right now.

  5. I have the same problem, Christine. I hate to ask people for help. Afraid I'll annoy them or something. In fact, if Dianne hadn't offered to beta read my novel, I never would have dreamed of asking her!

    Progress is excellent on my third MG novel. Haven't read anything new because I'm re-reading some old humorous MG novels for research purposes.

    News? Nothing good.

  6. I LOVE Scrivener. Once you figure it out, you can't figure out how you wrote without it. I do a lot of planning for my novels, and Scrivener makes it so much easier for me to access it all with a single click. :D

    And I love how easy it is to move chapters around.

    I'm reading the NA contemporary romance The Edge of Never.

  7. I recently started using Scrivener, as well. I'm a total noob, but so far I'm noticing it helps me with revising, jumping from scene to scene. I can't wait to try out the color-coding for characters. I hope it'll help me keep character arcs tighter.

    I'm almost 40% into a WIP that's unlike anything else I've written. No paranormal element at all... unless you count bad luck. It's fun, and the pressure for world-building is off. Just the break I needed.

    And I also am guilty for begging CPs for brainstorms. But I'm always happy to reciprocate.